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Epitome Of Sound – You Don’t Love Me – SANDBAG: S 101

Epitome Of Sound - You Don't Love Me - SANDBAG: S 101

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An immaculate copy Mint – throughout. This timeless Wigan Casino anthem – in just perfect condition. Not forgetting to check out the flipside – almost every note as good.
A Side
Title: You Don’t Love Me
Produced By: Robert Paladino
Arranged By: Tony Camillo
Written By: Robert Paladino
B Side
Title: Where Were You
Produced By: Robert Paladino
Arranged By: Tony Camillo
Written By: Robert Paladino
Year: 1968
City: Bound Brook, N.J.
Both Sides Written & Produced By Robert Paladino.
Arranged By Tony Camillo.
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Epitome Of Sound – You Don’t Love Me – SANDBAG: S 101

Oliver Cheatham – Don’t Pop The Question If You Can’t Take The Answer [Soul Junction] Crossover Soul

Oliver Cheatham - Don't Pop The Question If You Can't Take The Answer [Soul Junction] Crossover Soul

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Oliver Cheatham – Don’t Pop The Question If You Can’t Take The Answer
Soul Junction Records # SJ518. Released in 2012.
Previously unissued track from the mid 70’s (1974), the A-side is the joyous dance choone ‘Don’t Pop The Question (If You Can’t Take The Answer)’ which once heard leaves the songs unforgettable hook line firmly planted inside your head. Produced by Bill Miller. Vinyl rip from Musicdawn 45’s collection.

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Marvin L. Sims – I Can’t Understand It [Uni] 1970 Crossover Soul 45:

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Rev. Ether, The Kingdom, The Power & The Glory – 48 Hours [Et Cet’er-A] 1970 Crossover Soul 45:

The Barons Ltd. – Symphony Of Gratitude [Chimneyville] 1970 Crossover Sweet Soul 45:

All The People ft. Robert Moore – Wish I Had A Girl like You [Blue Candle] 1972 Crossover Soul 45:

The Fabulous Peps – I’ve Been Trying [Wee 3] 1967 Sweet Soul 45:

Eugene Pitt And The Jyve Fyve – Love Is Pain [AVCO Embassy] 1971 Soul 45:

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BRYAN FERRY – Don’t Stop The Dance (HQ Visualised Sound, 4K-Ultra-HD, Lyrics)

BRYAN FERRY - Don't Stop The Dance (HQ Visualised Sound, 4K-Ultra-HD, Lyrics)

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“Don’t Stop the Dance” is a song by English singer and songwriter Bryan Ferry (born 26 September 1945) from his sixth solo studio album, Boys and Girls (1985). It was released as the album’s second single. The track was written and produced by Ferry and Rhett Davies. It made the top 20 of Billboard’s Album Rock play list and reached number 26 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

His voice has been described as an “elegant, seductive croon”. He also established a distinctive image and sartorial style; according to The Independent, Ferry and his contemporary David Bowie influenced a generation with both their music and their appearances. Peter York described Ferry as “an art object” who “should hang in the Tate”.

Ferry came to prominence as the lead vocalist and principal songwriter with the glam art rock band Roxy Music, achieving three no. 1 albums and 10 singles which reached the top 10 in the UK between 1972 and 1982. Their singles included “Virginia Plain”, “Street Life”, “Love is the Drug”, “Dance Away”, “Angel Eyes”, “Over You”, “Oh Yeah”, “Jealous Guy”, “Avalon”, and “More Than This”.

Ferry began his solo career in 1973, while still a member of Roxy Music. His early solo hits include “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall”, “Let’s Stick Together” and “This Is Tomorrow”. Ferry disbanded Roxy Music following the release of their best-selling album Avalon in 1982 to concentrate on his solo career, releasing further singles such as “Slave to Love” and “Don’t Stop the Dance” and the UK no. 1 album Boys and Girls in 1985. When his sales as a solo artist and as a member of Roxy Music are combined, Ferry has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

As well as being a prolific songwriter himself, Ferry has recorded many cover versions of other artists’ songs, including standards from the Great American Songbook, in albums such as These Foolish Things (1973), Another Time, Another Place (1974) and As Time Goes By (1999), as well as Dylanesque (2007), an album of Bob Dylan covers.

Mama says truth is all that matters
Lying ‘n’ deceiving is a sin
Drifting through a world that’s torn and tattered
Every thought I had, don’t mean a thing

Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance
No, more music, don’t stop the dance

Mama says love is all that matters
Beauty should be deeper than your skin
Living for the moment, lips and lashes
Will I ever find, my way again..?

Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance
No, more music, don’t stop the dance

Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance

Mama says only stormy weather
Don’t know why there’s no sun in the sky
Footsteps in the dark come together
Got to keep on moving or I’ll die

Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance
No, more music, don’t stop the dance
Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance
No, more music, don’t stop the dance
Don’t stop, don’t stop the dance

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Lee Brice – I Don’t Dance (Official Music Video)

Lee Brice - I Don't Dance (Official Music Video)

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I Don’t Dance is available now on iTunes and Google Play:

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I Don’t Dance was originally written as the first dance song for Lee and his wife at their wedding reception. It went on to be one of Lee’s most popular hits peaking at #1 on the Billboard Country Radio Chart.

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“A top-notch discovery and perfect for the scene” Donald Moore, soul fan Michigan, USA
Hamilton was born in Birmingham, Alabama and moved to East Detroit as a young child. There he later formed the Arabians (including members Clarence McClean, George Goodman, Charles Laird and Robert Tutt). Record label owner and singer, Johnnie “Mae” Matthews gave them their first release “The Shack” on her Northern Label in 1960. Their next stop was the Lanrod label and their first encounter with the influential James Hendrix who issued “My One Possession” on Carrie records. Two tracks recorded for Hendrix were released to James Kemper’s New York Label, Le Mans, and although “(Please) Take a Chance on Me” didn’t hit at the time, it became a huge collector’s item ten years on. After a brief spell with a new Falcons line-up, Hamilton returned to Hendrix, who was then working with Lou Beatty, and was put under Melvin Davis’s wing, recording “Call Me” for Carrie records. The track had sufficient potential to go to New York again, this time on the Jameco record label. In 1967 Hamilton reunited with the Arabians and signed for Beatty’s Mary Jane label, with Coleman instead of Tutt. The label brought a clutch of excellent sides, all now revered on the Northern Soul and Detroit collectors scenes. Following the closure of La Beat records and subsequently Mary Jane, Hamilton left the music scene to work in the car plants.
Adapted from Keith Rylatt “Groovesville USA – The Detroit Soul and R&B Index”
BDYW writers
“Sadly, Fred (Bridge) and Richard (Knight) would also have to deal with clerical error at La Beat. “We wrote a song called ‘I’m Coming Home’ for Edward Hamilton & the Arabians. They made a mistake and called it “Baby Don’t You Weep’.”
This is was a number of songs which Fred lists as missing from the BMI database. It would be sad to think that they had missed out on royalties for this classic song. SoulfulDetroit
The Arabians
Jam 3738 – The Shack / Heaven Sent You
Northern 3738 – The Shack / Heaven Sent You
Twin Star 1018 – The Shack / Heaven Sent You

Edward Hamilton
Carrie 1516 – My One Possession / Somebody Tell Me
Carrie 6502 – I’m Gonna Love You / Call Me (Orange Label)
Carrie 009 – Call Me / I’m Gonna Love You (Green Label)

The Arabians
Staff 1808 – Today I Kissed My New Love / Let Me Try
Carrie 0039 – I Love You So / Now You Have To Cry Alone

Edward Hamilton & The Fifes
Jameco 2008 – I’m Gonna Love You / Call Me

The Arabians
Lanrod 1605 – I Love You So / Now You Have To Cry Alone
Lanrod 1605 – Temptation Of Love / Now You Have To Cry Alone
Lanrod 1606 – You Upset Me Baby / (Please) Take A Chance On Me
Le Mans 004 – Please Take A Chance On Me / You Upset Me Baby

Edward Hamilton & The Arabians
Mary Jane 1003 – My Darlin’ Baby / Tell Me
Mary Jane 1003 – Tell Me / For Me Only
Mary Jane 1005 – Baby Don’t You Weep / Tell Me

The Arabians
Mary Jane 1006 – School Is Cool / Tell Me

Edward Hamilton & The Arabians
Mary Jane 1007 – Thank You Mother / Thank You Mother (Inst)
Mary Jane 1008 – I’m Gonna Love You / Tell Me
Mary Jane 1009 – Yes I Can / My Darlin’ Baby
Mary Jane 1010 – My Darlin’ Baby / Willing Mind
Mary Jane 6707 – Just Let Me Know / I’n Gonna Love You
Courtesy of Dave Rimmer – Soulful Kinda Music

UK Grapevine Records Release GRP 134 (1980)
Grapevine label owner John Anderson struck a licensing deal with Lou Beatty, owner of the La Beat, Mary Jane and Carrie labels. Several of Lou’s productions appeared on Grapevine records. BDYW had been bootlegged a year earlier, Grapevine made the decision to place the uptempo dancer “I’m Gonna Love You” on the B-side. “I’m Gonna Love You” had earlier been listed as Eddie Holman’s ‘Eddie’s My Name’, which surfaced instead on Grapevine’s third album, “This Is Northern Soul’ – the last and rarest of the three Grapevine albums, this had suffered from distribution problems.
“Lou Beatty owned a construction company and liquor store in Detroit. I offered him, say, a thousand dollars for the label and got all the records and tapes — lock, stock and barrel. It was nothing to him anymore. Edward Hamilton made records throughout the 60’s and had a local following in Detroit.” John Anderson (Sowl Bowl Records)
Adapted from Planet Records
Some othe original Mary Jane P 1005 A have a label variation with the “Mike Terry” crediting omitted.
The look-alike US bootleg record is plain black and white. The original records have white and red square designs with blue lettering.

You Don’t Know What Love Is

You Don't Know What Love Is

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“You Don’t Know What Love Is” is a popular song of the Great American Songbook. The music was written by Gene de Paul, and the lyrics by Don Raye. The song was published in 1941. It was written for the Abbott and Costello film Keep ‘Em Flying, and featured Carol Bruce as the vocalist. However, the song was dropped from the film prior to release and was never used. Miles Davis and other jazz musicians began recording and playing the song in the 1950s, after which it became a popular jazz standard. The song was also notable as the leitmotif for the film, The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999).

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

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Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore · Rod Stewart

As Time Goes By… The Great American Songbook: Volume II

℗ 2003 BMG Music, a unit of BMG Music

Composer, Lyricist: Duke Ellington
Drums: Shawn Pelton
Bass Guitar: Tom Barney
Composer, Lyricist: Bob Russell
Acoustic Guitar: David Spinozza
Classical Guitar, Keyboards, Arranger: Rob Mathes
Piano: Peter Nero
Keyboards, Arranger: Philippe Saisse
Conductor, Keyboards, Arranger: Rob Mounsey
Clarinet: Lawrence Feldman
Violin: Elena Barere
Violin: Avril Brown
Violin: Cenovia Cummins
Violin: Maura Giannini
Violin: Ann Leathers
Violin: Laura McGinniss
Violin: Jan Mullen
Violin: Ricky Sortomme
Violin: Marti Sweet
Violin: Yuri Vodovoz
Violin: Carol Webb
Viola: Vincent Lionti
Viola: Adria Benjamin
Viola: Monica Gerard
Viola: Mary Hammann
Cello: Richard Locker
Cello: Ann Kim
Cello: Mark Shuman
Producer: Phil Ramone
Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Frank Filipetti
Recording Engineer: Joel Moss
Recording Engineer: Eric Schilling
Engineer: Michael O’Reilly
Engineer: Pete Karam
Engineer: Steve Orchard
Engineer: Mike Glines
Engineer: Chris Carroll
Engineer: Jason Stasium
Assistant Engineer: Jay Spears
Assistant Engineer: Tim Olmstead
Assistant Engineer: Patrick Magee

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Pat Boone — Don’t Forbid Me (VintageMusic.es)

Pat Boone -- Don't Forbid Me (VintageMusic.es)

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Pat Boone (de nombre auténtico Charles Eugene Patrick Boone)nació, con ascendencia nada más y nada menos que del pionero estadounidense Daniel Boone, el 1 de junio de 1934 en Jacksonville, ciudad del estado norteamericano de Florida. Dos años después de su nacimiento se trasladó con su familia a Tennessee y posteriormente a Denton, en Texas.
En 1955 y en Dot Records sería cuando y donde Boone lograría alcanzar el estrellato musical, interpretando canciones como “Two hearts, two kisses” , original de Otis Williams & His Charms o “Ain’t that a shame”, canción de Fats Domino que le llevó al número 1 del Billboard.
En 1955 también aparecieron temas como “At my front door (Crazy Little Mama)” , de The El Dorados y “No arms can ever hold you” , previamente cantada por el grupo de pop vocal The Gaylords.
Un año después prosiguió su senda de hits con otro número 1, “I almost lost my mind”, tema de Ivory Joe Hunter, y otros top 10, como “Gee Whittakers!” , de Five Keys, “I’ll be home” , de los Flamingos, “Long Tall Sally” , de Little Richard, “Friendly Persuasion” , canción escrita por Dimitri Tiomkin.
En 1956 también grabó otra conocida versión de Little Richard, “Tutti Frutti” .
1957 fue el año cumbre de su carrera, alcanzando lo más alto con tres canciones: “April Love”, “Don’t forbid me” y “Love letters in the sand”, una de sus canciones más canciones. También en 1957 Pat Boone debutaría en el cine como actor en “Bernardine” y “April Love”, ambas películas dirigidas por Henry Levin, y tendría su propio programa televisivo.
Al año siguiente terminó sus estudios universitarios en la Universidad de Columbia y cosechó éxitos destacables como “A wonderful time up there” , de Leroy Abernathy, “Sugar Moon” , de Danny Wolfe, “If dreams came true” y “Stardust” . En el cine protagonizaría “Mardi Gras (Martes de Carnaval)” (1958) y un año después la adaptación de Julio Verne “Viaje al centro de la Tierra” (1959).
Los siguientes años no fueron tan triunfales para Pat Boone, desapareciendo de los primeros puestos de las listas hasta 1961, cuando llegó de nuevo al número 1 con “Moody River”, siendo “Speedy Gonzales” , tema aparecido en 1962, su último gran éxito.

La llegada de los Beatles y la revolución musical posterior a su aparición borró del panorama musical casi por completo a los teen idols de las listas de éxito.
Pat Boone proseguiría con éxito sus intervenciones en vivo y se dedicaría durante las siguientes décadas a grabar, preferentemente, discos de gospel, centrados en sus profundas creencias religiosas, como “In the holy land” (1972) o “Family Who Prays” (1973), country, como “Texas Woman” (1976) o “The Country Side of Pat Boone” (1977), o navideños y familiares, como “Family Christmas” (1995).

Sin en los años 50 Pat Boone suavizaba los sonidos del rock’n’roll, en “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (1997), un disco de claro tono irónico y autoparódico con un Pat Boone tatuado, con pendientes y vestido de cuero, versionaba a su estilo clásicas canciones hard rock, como el tema de Alice Cooper que da título al LP, “Enter Sadman” de Metallica, “Paradise City” de Guns N Roses, “Starway to heaven” de Led Zeppelin, “The wind cries Mary” de Jimi Hendrix, “It’s a long way to the top (If you wanna rock’n’roll) de AC/DC, “Holy Diver” de Dio, “Smoke on the water” de Deep Purple o “Crazy Train”, composición de Ozzy Osbourne, vecino y buen amigo de Boone.


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Northern Soul Dancing Dont Blink…Amazing!

Northern Soul Dancing     Dont Blink...Amazing!

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Wow….did I see that happen lol these 21st century northern soul lads and lasses, are setting the scene alight. Developing their own style, while preserving the grand traditions of this great scene. Blackheart All Nighter, Marcus Garvey Ballroom Nottingham 8/9th September 2016….an awe inspiring night. Top DJs, venue, promoters and positive soul folk of all ages from around the country…Can it get any better??? The good ol days are here and now.