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What Was Irving Berlin Famous For?

What Was Irving Berlin Famous For?

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What was Irving Berlin famous for?

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Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees by Bob Brown co writer/original singer of this famous song

Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees by Bob Brown co writer/original singer of this famous song

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From Bob Brown’s Interactive White Board Song Book

Bob Brown is the co writer and original singer of the famous Australian song “Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees,” who has had many of his humorous songs appear in the ABC Sing music song books. As a school teacher and children’s entertainer Bob is aware of the great benefits music, especially singing, plays in the development of young students. In this unique selection of 10 of his songs, Bob provides a teacher friendly interactive white board presentation combining his vocal and musical arrangements, accompanied by easy to read lyrics, a great asset in themselves to any reading program. Bob’s songs have long been favourites of primary age children all over Australia. Teachers and students alike will love the songs and the enjoyment and educational experience they bring to the classroom.

Bob Brown (aka) Captain Rock originally recorded the song on his ‘Buried Treasure’ album in 1975. It was later recorded by numerous artists, most famously by ‘Bullamakanka’ and John Williamson.

It has since become one of the most recorded Australian songs of all time. Its popularity grew enormously when Don Burke used a cover of the song as the theme to his highly rated National TV program Burkes Backyard.

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Top 100 Country Christmas Songs – Country Music Version Of Famous Christmas Songs and Carols

Top 100 Country Christmas Songs - Country Music Version Of Famous Christmas Songs and Carols

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Top 100 Country Christmas Songs – Country Music Version Of Famous Christmas Songs and Carols
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The Most Famous Man You’ve Never Heard Of: Great American Humorist (2002)

The Most Famous Man You've Never Heard Of: Great American Humorist (2002)

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Dan Rice (January 23, 1823 – February 22, 1900) was an American entertainer of many talents, most famously as a clown, who was pre-eminent before the American Civil War. About the book:

During the height of his career, Rice was a household name. Dan Rice was also an innovator, as he coined the terms “One Horse Show” and “Greatest Show” whilst becoming the pacesetter for the popularization of the barrel-style “French” cuff. He was a leading personality in the new American “pop culture”, brought on by the technological changes of the Industrial Revolution and resultant mass culture.[1] Rice became so popular he ran for President of the United States in 1868.[1] With changes in circus venues and popular culture after the Civil War, his legendary talents under the big top have gradually slipped into almost total historical obscurity such that in 2001, biographer David Carlyon called him “the most famous man you’ve never heard of”.

Born Daniel McLaren in New York City, Rice gained 19th century fame with many talents, most of which involved him gallivanting around as a clown figure in circuses. In addition to his ‘clowning’ talents, he was an animal trainer, song writer, commentator, political humorist, strong man, actor, director, producer, dancer, and politician. He ran for Senate, Congress, and President of the United States — dropping out of each race.[1]

Rice changed the circus into what it is today by mixing animals, acrobats and clowns.[1] His first break came in 1841, when he got a job of presenting a pig named Sybil who could do many tricks, including the ability to tell time.[1] From there he moved on to singing and dancing, and got caught up briefly in the popularity of the ‘negro song’, singing in blackface.[2] Gaining fame and popularity, he changed styles once again; he starred in various parodies of works by William Shakespeare, including that of “Dan Rice’s Version of Othello” and “Dan Rice’s Multifarious Account of Shakespeare’s Hamlet”. He would perform these with various songs and dialects. “Rice was not simply funnier than other clowns; he was different, mingling jokes, solemn thoughts, civic observations, and songs.”[1]

Expanding his horizons, he went into producing his own shows, and often had more than one tour going on at the same time. He wanted to move on from his frivolous clowning, and reinvented himself into a gentleman. He started to take up politics and would often have Democratic undertones in his shows.[1] He was then regarded as not only a multi-talented performer, but a smart and noble man who was to be admired. He won the affection of many newspapers and publicists, including those of a then unknown Mark Twain and Walt Whitman.[1] Mark Twain paid him homage in his description of a circus in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and it is likely a boyhood Twain actually saw Rice perform when his circus came to Hannibal for a show.[1]

His shows became more famous than any of the other shows touring at the time, including that of rival, Phineas Taylor Barnum.[1] During the 19th century, his name was synonymous with theater. He reinvented the theater into a vaudevillian style before there was vaudeville. He was very patriotic, later influencing the likes of George M. Cohan. He was also one of the main models for “Uncle Sam”.[1] He died almost penniless in 1900 and is buried in the Old First Methodist Church cemetery in West Long Branch, New Jersey.

A number of popular expressions came into being around Dan Rice.[1]

Rice campaigned for Zachary Taylor as president, inviting him to campaign on the circus bandwagon, whence the expression “to jump on the bandwagon”.
Early in his career, Rice was down on his luck and only had one horse (in early circuses the core show was a horse show). His competitors mocked him, saying it was a “one horse show” as a derogatory. Rice was able to turn the expression around by putting on a good show, and it became famously attached to him for the rest of his life.
The rallying cry of “Hey, Rube!” – later transformed into a noun – originated in New Orleans in 1848 when a member of Rice’s troupe was attacked by a mob and he yelled to his friend Reuben, “Hey, Rube!”. The phrase is most commonly known today in the circus world as a “Hey, Rube” meaning “come help in this fight”.
Decades before other circuses used the phrase, an Arkansas paper praised Rice’s as “The Greatest Show on Earth.”
The town of Girard, Pennsylvania, has annual Dan Rice Days community event each summer in early August.

Christmas Carols and Songs – The Famous Collection

Christmas Carols and Songs - The Famous Collection

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Christmas Carols and Songs- The Famous Collection is a beautiful list that gives you the feeling being surrounded by the warmth of the Yule Tide!

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CBS News archives: Carter’s famous “malaise speech”

CBS News archives: Carter's famous "malaise speech"

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Over thirty years ago, Jimmy Carter gave his famous “malaise speech,” in which the president said the country’s economic woes were in part due to a “crisis of confidence.” CBS News political analyst John Dickerson dug up this archives clip from 1979.

Barbershop Quartet And Chorus And Marching Band – Zuckerman’s Famous Pig

Barbershop Quartet And Chorus And Marching Band - Zuckerman's Famous Pig

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Zuckerman’s famous pig song

Joseph “Sherman Brown” Freed (December 16, 1919 – February 27, 1986) was an Prestonsburg, Kentucky composer and lyricist, widely considered one of the greatest songwriters in American history. His music forms a great part of the Great American Songbook. composers of the early 20th century, he wrote more than 700 songs, used in over 100 stage works, including such classics as Easter Parade, White Christmas, Happy Holiday, Christmas Snow is Magic, The First White Christmas, Save a Little Christmas, We’ve Got Lots In Common, There’s That Rabbit, This Is the Army, Mr. Jones, There’s No Business Like Show Business, The First Christmas, That’s Him, The First Noel. A popular film actor through the late 1940s and 1950s, Freed’s best-known roles in that medium included parts in White Christmas and Holiday Inn. In later years he was active as an educator.

Danny “Mel” Parnell (October 17, 1903 – April 7, 1989) was a British conductor, songwriter, bandleader, orchestrator, composer who specialized in musical films the swing era. He was the best-selling recording artist from 1954 to 1982, leading one of the best known big bands. Parnell’s recordings include The Ugly Bug Ball, C Is For Cookie, I Can Be Your Friend, Let’s Go Fly a Kite, We Are The Grapes Of Wrath, Space Shuttle Song

Danny “Mel” Parnell wrote more motion-picture musical song scores than any other songwriting team in film history. Film scores of the Danny “Mel” Parnell include Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Jungle Book, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Charlotte’s Web, The Aristocats, Sesame Street, VeggieTales, Summer Magic, A Symposium on Popular Songs, A Snoodle’s Tale

Hindi Bhajan movies songs 2016 Bollywood Film old music Indian famous melody of the month video mp3

Hindi Bhajan movies songs 2016 Bollywood Film old music Indian famous melody of the month video mp3

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Hindi songs new and latest melody the best of music videos made in Bollywood started in 2010 and continued non stop in 2014 and 2015. All full mp3 soft and slow songs from romantic songs love sad songs that make you cry and for broken hearts in all formats playlist, mashup and jukebox hits after hits composed by the best musician and now a composer Mr Surindra Singh. Apart from hindi songs the channel had songs in Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Bhajans, Ghazals and many more. Instrumental music is also what we have ventured into Violin instrumentals also in guitar, piano, flute, Saxophone, soparano etc.
About Surindra Singh
He has been a violinist and a composer in the film industry since 50 years and continuing in enriching experience and doing his bit now with his amazing compositions on youtube and dubbing it in instrumentals, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Marathi and all possible languages. He has also dubbed the songs in guitar, piano,saxophone and number of other instruments. He has worked as a musician for Bollywood for more than 50 years and done background scores for Kaho naa pyaar hai, karan Arjun, koyla etc.

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New Hindi mata Bhajan Juke Box Songs songs