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Little Jr Jesse and The Teardrops – Ain’t No Big Thing – Dynamic: 110 (45s)

Little Jr Jesse and The Teardrops - Ain't No Big Thing - Dynamic: 110 (45s)

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The rarest incarnation of this timeless song!

Classic, classic Chicago creation by Carl Davis’s right hand man Gerald Sims. Originally recorded of course by The Radiants, but later pixck up by so many Soul acts recognizing it as an all time great hook-line. The ideal platform for any aspiring Soul vocal group to spring from.

This version in our experience is the hardest to acquire, from the Abe Epstein machine housed inside the vibrant San Antoni Soul Music movement of the mid 60’s. Relerased on Texas’s most civet “Soul” label, Dynamic records and we can assure you #110 is one of the most challenging numbers to acqyuire,

So get ready for another Abe-enabled vocal-group delight, as Tex-Mex Soul doers Chicago. The raw enthusiasm, those tight male harmonies sailing over Mexican influence horns. The gentle cracking of the leads emotional voice, adds a mountain to this great song.

If you appreciate raw, local, accomplish cover version in their rarest form .. do not pass by.
Condition Report
Two clean labels, a few very mild age-spots. Vinyl is superbly clean strong Ex + just a few mild sleeve contact hairlines. Plays perfect.

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Little Jr Jesse and The Teardrops – Ain’t No Big Thing – Dynamic: 110 (45s)

Cold Beer (Cry Tunes) – Jesse Stewart

Cold Beer (Cry Tunes) - Jesse Stewart

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Originally Cry Tunes by Donnie Dumphy.

When it comes to emotion,
makes me start choking
so I, sit by the ocean
spent my last buck on a bottle of whiskey
drunk and broke
sittin’ here in history
I made my mind up
How I’m going
I got no where to go
don’t know where I’m going
I do know one thing
one thing that is true
wherever I go, I’m gonna need you
we just cant let each other go now
we’re too close, to ever slow down
the only one who keeps my chin up
when you touch my lips we’re like two dogs stuck

cold, cold beer
don’t you ever worry
I am right here
never live without you
don’t care what I amount to, no.
talkin’ bout cold cold beer
don’t you ever worry, I am right here
can’t ever live without you

I pick you up
I take you home
sit on my couch, turn off my phone,
cuz I love your taste, love your smell
who would ever thought that we could do so well
hell, I guess we’re meant for each other
sorta like the microphone and my buddy Bruce Buffer
I can’t really express my joy
sorta like a scrap between Osgood and Patty Roy
I cant take my eyes off you
went to rehab, thought that I lost you
but now we’re are back together, with a vengeance
must be my little, Irish descendance .
it feels pretty good, to get this off my chest
even though people sayin, Jesse’s obsessed
well maybe I am, maybe their right
one thing that I know, it was love at first sight.

Yeah, cold cold beer
don’t you ever worry I am right here
can never live without you
i wouldn’t even want to
cold, cold beer
don’t you ever worry
i am right here
never live without you
you don’t care what I amount to
Well I’m sitting on my stoop feelin’ kinda lonely
me and Brenda fightin’ so I call up the homies
but guys busy hangin’ out in front of Sobey’s
there’s only one little fella who really knows me
he comes in a little brown, bottle or can
sits in my hand til I can barely stand
he’s part of the family, he’s part of the team
Took me under his wing when I was just a teen
every time he comes around he always,
takes me back to when I had a fake ID, and a little dirt stash
Get a road soak, cold pop, two-four, wob pop, pop top, twist top, tall boy, cold shot
BEER, cold, cold beer
don’t you ever worry, I am right here
never live without you
you don’t care what I amount to,
Oh cold beer,
don’t you ever worry,
I am right here can’t ever live without you
I wouldn’t even want to