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Dark Folk Heathen Music – NEMUER – Under the Tree of Memories

Dark Folk Heathen Music - NEMUER - Under the Tree of Memories

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Atmospheric Dark Folk Duo Nemuer releases their first music video for an acoustic track “Under the Tree of Memories”.


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This track is probably the most melancholic one on the album, it will guide you through Nemuer’s world of dark fantasy based on his book (Druids of the Iteru). It is strongly connected with nature and its immense power.

This unconventional emotional music will transport you into a different world – world of dark fantasy, ancient civilizations, druids and gods. Its atmosphere feels like a very strange but very interesting dream. A combination of special ethnic instruments (such as jaw-harp, didgeridoo), deep vocals (and throat singing), gentle female soprano and haunting tones of acoustic guitar evokes extra-ordinary vivid images and feelings in the listeners. It is even enlarged by the fact that the vocals do not contain any known language and therefore seems to be somehow prehistorically distant and inexplicably familiar at the same time.

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Precious Memories (Lyrics in Navajo)

Precious Memories (Lyrics in Navajo)

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This video provides the lyrics to the hymnal “Precious Memories” in the Navajo language. The author of this song is unknown. The translator of this song into the Navajo language is unknown. The music is provided by Elizabeth Bryant & Virginia Graymountain, both from Inscription House, Arizona.

The literal English translation is written below each Navajo word to help learn the words and meaning of the song. Enjoy!

To purchase the music for this song, you can contact the artist at:

PMB #5084, HC-70 Box 3
Tonalea, AZ. 86044.

The price is $20 FOR THE CDS AND $15 FOR THE TAPES. Approval to post this address given by the artist.

Petula Clark – Memories Are Made of This (VintageMusic.es)

Petula Clark - Memories Are Made of This (VintageMusic.es)

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Petula Clark, (n. Ewell, Inglaterra, 15 de noviembre de 1932) es una cantante, actriz y compositora inglesa, mejor conocida por sus exitosas canciones en los años 1960, en especial Downtown (incluso versionada por Frank Sinatra y que forma parte de la banda sonora de la serie de JJ.Abrams “Lost”). Con más de 70 millones de discos vendidos alrededor del mundo, se ha convertido en la artista británica más prolífica, como se dice en el Libro Guinness de récords mundiales. Incurrió en el cine con películas como Dance may (1950), The Gay Dog (1954), Daggers Drawn (1964), o Never never Land (1982) entre muchas otras.
Otros de sus éxitos fueron “The little shoemaker”, y “Alone y Sailor”, canción que llegó a ser nº1 en 1960

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Creepy old Music box – “When Memories Break”

Creepy old Music box - "When Memories Break"

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a music box thang i made using fl studio. “When memories break” Named by LPS LIVIE. Sharing your short stories is highly encouraged, I enjoy reading.
This piece is stock, keeping sound effects to a bare minimum. Adding your own effects if you choose to use is fine and encouraged. Anyone can use this song for whatever freely, please give credit.
If you’d like to read some of my short stories head on over to
Picture – Gravity Falls. – i love it’s a creepy picture

1 Hour Relaxing Piano Music | Old Memories | Soft Quiet Piano Music

1 Hour Relaxing Piano Music | Old Memories | Soft Quiet Piano Music

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Due to Youtube’s changing and unfair new policies this channel has been retroactively demonetized. The Soul Candle channel was my full-time job and I’ll now have to place my efforts elsewhere. As I cannot earn from this channel to support myself I cannot put time into uploading to it. However, all existing videos will remain online indefinitely. I’m sorry for the abrupt news.

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80’s Music Video Memories -(Weird Paul) Mtv old music videos 2015 vlog

80's Music Video Memories -(Weird Paul) Mtv old music videos 2015 vlog

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80’s Music Video Memories -(Weird Paul)
Taking you on a tour of the most obscure music shows of the mid-eighties!
I was OBSESSED with music videos –

Do you have any music video memories? Or questions about this video? Write them below in the comments!
NOTE: Frazier Smith is still ALIVE! I apologize and regret this mistake in the video!
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Northern Soul – Wigan Casino Memories With Carrie Grant

Northern Soul - Wigan Casino Memories With Carrie Grant

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At the height of the disco craze in 1978, Billboard magazine bestowed the accolade of “best disco in the world” not on any swish nightclub in New York, Paris or London, but on a little-known dance venue in a small town in Northern England – the Wigan Casino. Why? Because since 1973 the Casino had concentrated on the raw soul music of unfamiliar record labels, imported straight from America, and had thus become the epicentre of a musical phenomenon called Northern Soul.
Carrie Grant looks back at those heady days with Russ Winstanley, the DJ who started the sessions, and Sandy Holt, twice Northern Soul champion dancer.

Non-Stop Old Song Sweet Memories

Non-Stop Old Song Sweet Memories

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Song Tittle:
-0:19 Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
-1:24 Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)
-3:00 Tell Laura I Love Her
-4:30 Guantanamera
-5:55 Blueberry Hill
-7:06 The End of the World
-8:08 Paper Roses
-9:10 I Can’t Stop Loving You
-10:18 Pretty Little Baby
-11:27 Never On A Sunday
-12:30 Ginny Come Lately
-13:57 Like Strangers
-15:18 Diana
-16:18 If I Only Had Time
-16:58 Walk Right Back
-17:58 ????
-19:02 Pretty Woman
-20:15 I.O.I.O.
-21:06 Maybe Tomorrow
-22:07 Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)
-22:55 Silver Threads and Golden Needles
-23:47 Kiss Me Quick
-24:35 One Way Wind
-25:44 Under the Boardwalk
-26:40 To Love Somebody
-27:28 The Ballad Of John And Yoko
-28:25 I’ll Never Dance Again
-29:50 Please Mr. Postman
-31:00 All I Have to Do Is Dream
-32:11 Corrina, Corrina
-33:15 Am I That Easy to Forget?
-34:59 Let Me Be There
-36:09 It’s All Over
-37:11 Let It Be Me
-38:18 Young Love
-39:15 Since You’ve Been Gone
-40:18 A Hard Day’s Night
-41:19 Donna Donna
-42:09 Fraulein
-43:00 Get Back
-43:32 I Saw Her Standing There
-44:30 ????
-45:37 Speedy Gonzales
-46:25 Sealed With A Kiss
-47:00 Please Release Me (Let Me Go)
-47:28 Love of My Life
-47:58 Nobody’s Child
-48:30 More Than I Can Say
-49:05 Sonja
-50:08 Rhythm of the Rain
-50:39 Pretty Blue Eyes
-51:23 Devoted To You
-51:55 San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
-52:55 You Mean Everything To Me
-53:28 Yesterday
-54:13 Don’t Forget to Remember
-55:15 I Will Follow Him
-56:20 Help Me Make It Through the Night
-57:07 Cha-la-la I Need You