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Pirate Folk Music – The Young Buccaneer (animated)

Pirate Folk Music - The Young Buccaneer (animated)

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Pirate folk music about a young pirate captain who is constantly in search of treasure islands and encounters dangers along the way. This music is called The Young Buccaneer. We hope you enjoy listening to it!


This amazing picture and animation are done by Shunzi! Check out his Facebook page:

~ Music by Derek Fiechter ~

Pirate Folk Music – The Captain’s Parrot

Pirate Folk Music - The Captain's Parrot

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Pirate folk music about a parrot who starts out very obedient but who eventually rebels against the pirate captain and locks him up. The parrot then tries to lead the pirate crew, but it only lasts for a short time, as the captain is soon released from his prison and quickly puts the parrot back in his place, though he does decide to treat his parrot better so that this never happens again. This music is called The Captain’s Parrot. We hope you enjoy it!


This great picture is done by BluntieDK. Check out the DeviantART page:

~ Music by Brandon Fiechter ~