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Jim and Sam (Live) at Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL, US

Jim and Sam (Live) at Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL, US

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[:?サ[ Jim and Sam ] Live at [[Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL, US]]
[[Live Stream]] [[CON’CERT]]:? [

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DJ PHIL TheOstendman
POPCORN TUNE – NORTHERN SOUL – RARE DETROIT – MOTOWN original vinyl & CD from my collection (over 35 years)


Popcorn Top Tune
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Sam Davies – Northern Lights [Silk Music]

Sam Davies - Northern Lights [Silk Music]

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It’s no secret that Canadian sensation Sam Davies is one of the most promising producers to emerge on our roster of late. A versatile talent, Sam has treated us to a wide range of emotive productions, from downtempo to peak-hour progressive. His recent offerings have elegantly and evocatively explored the deeper shades of progressive; “Northern Lights” which now witnesses a remix by fellow Canadian veteran Dezza, is no exception.

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01 Sam Davies – Northern Lights (Original Mix)
02 Sam Davies – Northern Lights (Dezza Remix)

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Photographer: Drew Collins

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US Soul Trip Las Vegas 2018 The Dynamo Sam Evans

US Soul Trip Las Vegas 2018 The Dynamo Sam Evans

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There is only one person who owns Tribute on the Decs Sam Evans UK international DJ. Im too nice to play it, give Sam any stick, and pow, you will get a feeeeek off, which will send shivers down ya tatoos and all that.

I was at a business conference some years ago, twas a end of a era meet, we were very sad. Sam was giving invites out to her 40th and I noticed it said northern soul. Cor blimey say I thought it had died out with Bletsoe allnighter 70-72, playing rare soul.

The last live act I saw was J J Barnes at the howard mallet november 1973.

Where have you been hiding , says Sam. Can i have an invite say I. Yes as long as you behave lol The thin line of fate, one massive door closing, but since then 10 odd years ago, a new door opened and yep im djing all over.

Had the great honour of playing Mel Britt, in Vegas, dedicated to the great man himself. Just before he passed away a few years ago, he visited the original US trip goers, I gather it was awe inspiring, although the great man was destitute. It must have broke his heart knowing criminals had bootlegged his great toon. Mel Britt RIP link

Kev Roberts it was one of the greatest honours of my life, bless ya xxx

Last year I was in the modern room with Sam and cool kat Andrew Basket. Can I show you my modern toons Sam, Sam looks and says they are all northern ya twat! so funny, yep ya dont mess with the Sam lol

So the learning curve is massive, but folks like these and many northern soul DJs are always there to he[p, even this late starting 64 year old. We are not a closed shop, as many perceive, Some great under 25s DJs, the future of our great scene, is looking bright. Come join us! love ya xxx

Sam McGee’s Railroad Blues & Other Versions of the Republic

Sam McGee's Railroad Blues & Other Versions of the Republic

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Greil Marcus excavates a few roots of the American Songbook, examining a handful of indelible and idiosyncratic country, religious or blues songs from the 1920s and their modern revisions.

Speaker Biography: Greil Marcus is an author, music critic and journalist whose major books have documented some of the greatest musical figures from the 20th century. Publications include “Mystery Train,” “Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century,” “Dead Elvis,” “Invisible Republic: Bob Dylan’s Basement Tapes,” “Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus: Writings 1968-2010” and “The Doors: A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years.”

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