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Folk Music from Pokhara, Nepal – The Sarangi

Folk Music from Pokhara, Nepal - The Sarangi

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It was my final day traveling in Pokhara Nepal. I’d been harangued since day one in Nepal by guys on the street selling musical instruments called sarangi. I thought the instruments were all crappy tourist trinkets — and many were. But this one guy started playing beautiful folk music on what is Nepal’s answer to the fiddle.

Curious, I started chatting with him. We haggled for a little while over the price of his sarangi. He told me if I met him by the lake later, he’d give me a free lesson. That sealed the deal for me. But then heavy rain moved in. I thought I’d never find him.

In the midst of the downpour, as I dashed down the road for lunch, another guy tried to sell me a sarangi. I told him I had already bought one and was looking for my teacher. He said it was his brother who sold me my sarangi earlier, and if I waited in the same spot at 4, he would tell his brother to meet me.

I wondered if he would actually be there. He was. His name was Ram Lal. He led me down a narrow alley, around corners most tourists ignore, across the street from my hotel, to the cinder-block shanty where he lives. His one-room home consisted of a bed, a small table, a few potatoes, and more than a dozen handmade sarangi — some finished, some still being carved. He gave me a half-hour lesson, followed by a four-minute concert, which he gave me permission to put on YouTube.

This video starts with the story of how I met Ram. If you don’t feel like listening to me ramble, you can fast-forward to the third minute to hear him play and give a quick demonstration near the end of how the sarangi is played.

If you are traveling to Nepal, Ram Lal and his brother play a free concert every night in Pokhara at the Maya Pub in the Lakeshore district. (It’s on the second floor — hard to tell from outside that there’s live music happening upstairs.)

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Folk Music- When the “Sarangi” sings..

Folk Music- When the "Sarangi" sings..

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The sarangi (Nepali: सारङ्गी) is a folk Nepalese string instrument, also very popular as a folk musical instrument in Northeast India.
This is a part of a promotional video for a magazine dedicated to Art and Culture based in Sikkim.
Gopal Gandharva has been and brought up in Sikkim and has learnt his Art through his father and his forefathers.