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This Love Starved Heart Of Mine (It’s Killing Me)

This Love Starved Heart Of Mine (It's Killing Me)

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This Love Starved Heart Of Mine (It’s Killing Me) · Marvin Gaye

The Master 1961-1984

℗ 1994 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Released on: 1995-04-25

Producer: Johnny Bristol
Producer: Harvey Fuqua
Associated Performer, Vocals: Marvin Gaye
Composer Lyricist: Kay Lewis
Composer Lyricist: Helen L. Lewis-Mastor

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Marvin Gaye This Love Starved Heart Of Mine (Its Killing Me)

Marvin Gaye This Love Starved Heart Of Mine (Its Killing Me)

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I dont think any of us have not been caught out by the bootlegging shit bags but I just had to do Dickies amazing old JJ Barnes CU as it is one of the tracks that the money grabbing bootlegging bastards that have just gone down for after a 4 year investigation.

MANY illegal copies of records from our beloved scene were booted by them and of course this is nothing new and it will carry on. But its upto us collectors and rare soul lovers in general to stand up and tell these guys to fuck off! Unfortunately 2 of the 4 (Alan Godfrey, 66 and Christopher Price, 68) that was recently at court escaped with benders – with Robert Pye, 66, and Stephen Russell, 65 both having a hellova time with HMP. I really hope they get banged up with some nasty cunts who want to make them their bitches!!
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“This Love Starved Heart of Mine (Is Killing Me)”
Written by the Lewis Sisters – Kay and Helen
Produced by Harvey Fuqua and Johnny Bristol

Background vocals by the Andantes (prolific female sessions group for the Motown record label during the 1960s. Composed of Jackie Hicks, Marlene Barrow, and Louvain Demps)
Instrumentation by The Funk Brothers and/or the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

…”This Love Starved Heart of Mine,” by Gaye, might just be the best song ever recorded at Motown, but it wasn’t released until almost 30 years after it was recorded, in 1994. This was just one of those songs that inexplicably fell off of the conveyor belt in Motown’s soul-industrial-complex.

“This Love Starved Heart of Mine” starts like many other Motown standards—-with a polished drum line and a bass playing a simple 4/4 beat—-but this only lasts for the first three seconds. When Marvin comes in, he changes everything. He unleashes a high-pitched wail, energetic, mournful, and full of promise. Quickly he is joined by a guitar laying down a steady barrage of chords, and this swell grows with the horns and strings. By the time the first chorus comes around, the track has transformed into a runaway train. Gaye, the song’s mad conductor, urges the band on with the sort of screams and yelps that you almost never hear in his early work. But then, after three exhausting verses and choruses, it just stops. There is a shimmering crash in the drums, and it seems like the band has finally run out of steam. But then Marvin gives the song its sexiest yelp, and with a Latin-influenced horn and string run, the band picks right up to speed. “This Love Starved Heart of Mine” is big, brassy, brash, and totally fantastic.”
Noah S. Guiney

Played in 1982 by rare soul collector/DJ Dave Withers at Top of the World all-nighter, Stafford, England disguised as JJ Barnes “It’s Killing Me” (Marvin Gaye)

Along with
Prophets “Suspicion” (Originals)
Detroit Emeralds “Come On Back To Me Baby” (Temptations)
Lorraine Chandler “It’s Too Late” (Gladys Knight)
Lilian Dupree “He’s the Boy I Love” (Marvelettes)
The unissued tracks
It is suggested that Marvin Gaye’s “It’s Killing Me” was circulated in the late 70’s and first heard by rare soul collectors on cassette tapes. These compilations also included other previously unissued Motown cuts.
Tony Rounce

The played unissued Top of the World tracks “…were rejects from the first ‘From the Vaults’ 1979 compilation. A mate in LA assisted on it with Tom de Pierrio and he’d taped a lot of the tracks for reference. I was over there in ’81 in his flat when he put the tape on and “Forever in my heart” [“Come on back to me baby”] boomed out.
Got a copy of the tape and brought it back to UK where Dave Withers and I had acetates cut and played them first at Stafford.
Marvin we did cover as JJ Barnes “It’s Killing Me”.
Rod Shard

It was further suggested that the 1994 promotional single was to publicise the Marvin Gaye “Lost and Found” CD was never issued but apparently given away to the guests on the night, rumoured to be between 250 and 500 copies with most left stomped on the dance floor.
“made to coincide with the “Love Starved Heart” rare and unreleased CD; has rose from an turntable new release novelty to the painfully wanted piece of Northern Soul Motown vinyl. It is the most-valued and most sought-after of all Motown’s Northern Soul vinyl offerings …THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL Motown style!”
John Manship

Thanks and credit to Simon Davies at Buzzstudios, Dean Chalkley, Brian Cannon and Elaine Constantine for the footage and images.