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answering your questions about road tripping in a van

answering your questions about road tripping in a van

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▸ What do you do if you have to pee in the middle of the night? 0:23
▹ How do you shower? 0:30
▸ How do you do laundry? 0:53
▹ Where do you park, how do you find places to park? 0:55
▸ Where do you fill and dump water? 0:25
▹ Have you had any issues with the van yet? 3:02
▸ What fridge do you use? 4:47
▹ When/how did you know you wanted to embark on van life? 4:59
▸ What was your biggest worry about van life? 6:12
▹ Best thing about van life? 6:41
▸ How many miles have you traveled so far? 6:45
▹ Anything you NEED to live in the van that you wish you had? 6:56
▸ Anything you regret buying or don’t need for van life that you have? 7:07
▹ Biggest struggle with van life? 7:31
▸ One thing you wish you know before you start your van life journey? 7:40
▹ How long do u plan on living in the van? 8:00
▸ Do you plan on buying a smaller van or even a bus in the future? 8:43
▹ How do you keep yourself safe? 9:07
▸ Have you seen any bears? If so, are you scared of them? 9:42
▹ Scariest thing about van life? 10:37
▸ Is it scary to be all alone at night? 10:45
▹ Does it get lonely- do you enjoy the seclusion, how do you deal with the isolation? 10:51
▸ Are you finding you meet a lot more people doing this lifestyle? 11:43
▹ Did you ever think about bringing your dogs? 12:37
▸ Have you felt bored? 13:37
▹ Do you eat more canned food than fresh? 14:08
▸ Do u have to shop for groceries often? 14:31
▹ Best vegan food to have when doing van life? 14:45
▸ Any good tips for vegan meals with no stove or refrigerator? 15:57
▹ How was with your family? Did they support you or condemn you? 16:23
▸ Do you ever miss your family? 16:50
▹ How do you stay in touch with your family + friends, is it harder on the road? 17:33
▸ How did your dad keep himself from locking you in a closet before you left? 18:12
▹ Now that you’re van living , what do you miss the most from living in a house? 18:51
▸ Will you visit the Northern Lights? 19:20
▹ Do u plan to go outside the US? 19:30
▸ Have you been to the Grand Canyon or Sequoia Park yet, do you plan to travel there? 19:45
▹ Where did you begin traveling? 19:56
▸ Do you have a destination in mind or are you just going wherever? 19:59
▹ I really like the idea of living in a van but I’m quite tall and I’m worried i might be too tall to live in a van. How tall are you? 20:08
▸ Is it possible for low income people to do vanlife? i can only afford 1000 maybe more after tax times 20:28
▹ If you were going to build a van to travel in during the summer and weekends what would you not have included in your van build? I was thinking we’d be able to get by without overhead lights or a fridge since we have a YETI but what else do you think isn’t necessary or because we are in Florida and extremely accustomed to air condition do you think two fans is worth it based on your time in the van? 21:25


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Only the Lonely (Frank Sinatra)(Sammy Cahn, Jimmy Van Heusen) (The Great American Songbook)

Only the Lonely (Frank Sinatra)(Sammy Cahn, Jimmy Van Heusen) (The Great American Songbook)

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“Only the Lonely ” was recorded by “Frank Sinatra” in 1958. At the time of the recording, Sinatra’s divorce from “Ava Gardner” had been finalised, and the arranger of the album, Nelson Riddle, had recently suffered the deaths of his mother and daughter. This song is considered by many to be Franks Opus. This song is an example of the “torch song” period of Frank’s life. This song is a fine example of the songs from “The Great American Songbook”.

Tol & Tol – The Old Music Box (van het album ‘Sedalia’ uit 1991)

Tol & Tol - The Old Music Box (van het album 'Sedalia' uit 1991)

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Beluister het complete album ‘Sedalia’ uit 1991 van Tol & Tol in zijn geheel op YouTube of Spotify.


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