41 Comments to The Cars – Magic (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

  1. Rojo baron Baron says:

    Subliminales camina por la piscina dice q es magia hay muchas culturas y formas sociales de personas q significara?

  2. Dean Viescas says:

    I remember watching this video over and over when I was 7 I really thought ric could walk on water……….I was right!!

  3. James Hereford says:

    Damn I sure do miss the 70s and 80s. But I will listen to 70s and 80s music til the day I die. That's when music was music, I wish I could go back in time and be a teenager again or in my twenties at least

  4. S pala says:

    2019 who’s here

  5. Chris Huston says:

    Click Movie

  6. Dan C says:

    Back when music was still good. The videos often made no sense, but that's the way we liked it.

  7. J Orozco says:

    Hey Rick, why the long face?

  8. Michael A Gallegos says:

    Great song, great memories

  9. 1977Melville says:

    I don't get why he's standing in a wading pool.

  10. ben b says:

    the summer of 84 WAS magic . oh my God….. the GIRLS

  11. Donnie Luc says:

    Seriously, these guys have talent. I will always enjoy their music! Most of the 80's music still relevant today, that's for sure!

  12. Arnold Mollaneda Jr says:

    80's music – Best Decade ever.
    Dear God thank u for the 80's ( especially 1984 & 1985 ).

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  13. Liz Cottingham says:

    When Jonah Hill wakes up from a hangover by the pool.

  14. ZXKW says:

    Blare this the first day of summer break.

  15. Reese Issel says:

    SARA 23 SAS 222 AUS SAS Blue Nile Navy SEALS

  16. terry denney says:

    The 8os…the best decade for music.

  17. shakobenmyerz says:

    Great bassline in this song by Benjamin Orr. RIP.

  18. The Progressive Atheist says:

    I was born in the wrong era. This is before the Mooslims and the feminists and the queers destroyed music!

  19. JohNNy CasH says:

    Rick Ocasek, is magic

  20. NTSTK G37X says:

    How coma if hes playing Jesus he dosent want the Black Lady touching him?

  21. NTSTK G37X says:

    Question is who is actually straight in this video?

  22. NTSTK G37X says:

    Question is ago is actually straight in this video?


    Ric Osacek is so cool, he walks on water…literally!

  24. Br Car says:

    Metalhead here that always loved hearing the Cars. Great music

  25. bob V says:

    Reminds me of Chris Hackett , the would be pool GOD of I2m……………

  26. Big Mike is talking says:

    True story:
    Pale skin Rick became severely sunburned during the making of this video and hand to spend the night in the hospital.

  27. El sensual BIG BOSS Doe says:


  28. Torogoz del Eden. says:

    How famous is the Lord Jesus Christ that even rock stars imitate Him. Walking on water is a task of a real "magic" it is a true power.

  29. Y J says:

    I like this cover too. https://youtu.be/LMZ68v28KrI

    Used in disney = autotuned but then watched some of their A Capella and the Lead's voice is really high.

  30. Daniel Alvarez says:

    Like 2019

  31. Daniel Alvarez says:

    Lindos recuerdos

  32. gsxr4evr says:

    I blast this cassette in my '82 Capri BLACK MAGIC every time I drive it! Awesome to drive with the t-tops popped rocking to Magic in my Magic!!! I turn heads! I'm going to be devastated when the tape finally snaps…

  33. Too True says:

    Summer of '84. Man those were the days…

  34. Eric L says:

    Ah the 80’s!

  35. John Ylitalo says:

    This song should be perfect for the Bitzi theme song.

  36. Aaron Phillips says:

    I heard this from click this morning

  37. bucky468 says:

    Is that Flounder (the late actor Stephen Furst) laying down at 0:13?

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