The MLB American Songbook: Doug Seegers

The MLB American Songbook: Doug Seegers

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A Country music cinderella-man, Doug Seegers discusses his bouts with addiction, homelessness and his higher calling as a musician.

Executive Producer: Tara Gore
Producer: Nick Guss
Director: Anthony Cortez Fernandez
Dir. Photography: ACF
2nd Camera Op: N. Guss
Production Sound Recordist: Eric Milliken

Editor: ACF
Post-Production Sound Mixer: E. Milliken
Colorist: ACF

3 Comments to The MLB American Songbook: Doug Seegers

  1. Bradford Martin says:

    I hope you are doing well Doug.

  2. Phillip Johnston says:

    Would love to see come around North Carolina around Hickory sometime Doug love to come and see you play

  3. Gabi Vasilescu says:

    i wish all god ..and i hope to concert in usa ….and in romania:D

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