The Seekers – I’ll Never Find Another You 1965 STEREO

The Seekers - I'll Never Find Another You 1965 STEREO

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All 3 of The Seekers’ 60s TV specials, including this song & 47 others are available on one DVD –
The Seekers’ first hit single, recorded at Abbey Road studios in London. Originally in mono, I’ve created a stereo mix using DCS (digitally constructed Stereo). The video, which re-created the recording session for a 1968 TV special, has been enhanced to play at the correct speed and in widescreen.
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The Seekers concluded their Golden Jubilee tour in New Zealand in November 2014, and Judith Durham began her farewell tour there in April 2016. Visit and for more info and news, or join us on Facebook:

39 Comments to The Seekers – I’ll Never Find Another You 1965 STEREO

  1. siesta says:

    Judith's pure warm voice sailing over the male harmonies, acoustic guitars and double bass fills my eyes with tears, gives me a lump in my throat, and feelings of sadness and nostalgia, but simultainiously fills me with such happiness and joy! How is that possible with such a simple but beautifull song?

  2. Will Richards says:

    There are evidently 2.6 thousands tasteless twats who've watched this video of this wonderful, talented group. Still, it's probably not fair to assume everybody has good taste and an appreciation of great vocals and a great song

  3. Charles Parker says:

    we all were that good lookin back then?

  4. Peter Withers says:

    Trouble is its not live. their miming to the original record……Sorry folks.

  5. Jimmy Vincenzo The Ace of Oz says:

    Wonderful Song…

  6. ChryslerThunderBolt 666 says:

    Great Music…Great Singers!!! Thanks For Posting!!! Jan. 12 , 2019.

  7. Justinian Argo says:


  8. Tyrone Kim says:

    Some Oldies have become a classic for me.

  9. Noel Dorgan says:

    I always think of my lovely Wife when listening to this song , and how meaningful the words are, even in 2019.

  10. Robert Telarket says:

    I know I'll never find another song like this for you!!!

  11. ToledoWingNut says:

    2.6K thumbs down. What is the matter with you people?

  12. Reza Kurniawan says:

    Such talenta

  13. Helmut Ludwig says:

    this band was as big as the beatles in europe and didnt know it….. she threw it away by singing jazz in clubs in melbourne and someone else got rich using the New Seekers moniker a few years later. Career suicide IMO. sad……..

  14. boken168 says:

    This song from this group is the best show singer than anyone

  15. Froylan Chavez says:

    Excelente aplicación YouTube Froylán Chávez Baeza

  16. George Escaped says:

    remember this song when i was young, excellent song incredible sound and singers, this is real music

  17. Hermann Munster says:

    Another song that powers up the old "Time Machine" and takes me hurtling back to my youth.

  18. Nadine Jackson says:

    Wish there was a 'heart' button.

  19. Michael Cairns says:

    How in the world could two and a half thousand people NOT like this? It's incredible! The answer is simple, they're all tone deaf.

  20. ipsurvivor says:

    Is that a click track or guide in the beginning? Or does it only function as a count in?

  21. tomlynntigard says:

    Good job on the stereo mix, Rich. It really comes to life, and you didn't over-do it.

  22. Juan Lemus says:

    Awesome voices.

  23. Raymond Frye says:

    Dear Sirs: How strange that a Cuban Guajira style song should be a superhit in the '60's.
    Instead of a Cuban tres ( three double strings), we have a Mexican twelve-string. We then have a 6-string and a double bass.
    The percussion is peculiar because the clave, guayo and maracas are not properly applied but presented simply.
    At any rate, the song sounds beautiful as it continues in the Bolero fashion like the Cuban trios of yore ('50s).
    Kind Regards

  24. zalewskimm says:

    Simply beautiful.

  25. Fiona Brownhill says:

    Lindisfarne Live bank and fourth

  26. Peter Jongsma says:

    Judith Durham:Honey tonsils.

  27. Paul K says:

    The guy playing the Cello is actually Michael Caine.

  28. Anton Chigurh says:

    listened to this song, looked at my nine year old dog,… Im shifting here and crying my eyes out . :'(

  29. Michael Rutledge says:

    A close second to Ronstadt, Judith Durham is my other all-time favorite. I found her cover of 'Am I Blue', and just got chills!!World class voice, world class talent. Love you, Judith. May God bless you!!

  30. Steve Dyer says:

    great song

  31. Kevin Jones says:

    remember that in the charts like it was yesterday, I was five and  it must have been one of the first songs I actually listened to and thought about, even at five I used to think all of the songs on the transistor radio were about me, Luxembourg, Caroline,  funny that !

  32. UncleEarl97 says:

    Just absolutely beautiful music, voices, harmonies for a song about being so grateful for finding that perfect someone… I'll never find another you!

  33. Earcandy73 says:

    I wonder if they ever recorded a stereo version. It seems odd that in 1965, only a mono version would have been done. Stereo records came out in '58 but even shortly before then, artists were doing stereo and mono.

  34. robnraa1 says:

    Fantastic group.

  35. James Butterworth says:

    I put this song to some scenes from insidious’ 1 and 2. Song ruined.

  36. timothy foleyjr says:

    These guys are an Australian Folk Group. In 1969 they knocked The Beatles “Sgt Pepper’s” out of the #1 spot, and prevented The Stones “Beggars Banquet” from reaching #1. The Album was a compilation of their music. It stayed there for 9 weeks.
    Take a look and take a listen . . . Judith Durham has a voice that cuts like “a knife”. I try to imagine her in “The Jefferson Airplane”. In this Video her look is very much early “San Francisco”. The “12 String” is very much like the “Byrd’s”.

  37. Manfred Zwiener says:

    We iove this group and their music ..,

  38. yesudas james says:

    Judith I'll never find another you .miss you

  39. William Thaxton says:

    Love this song!! Makes me think of my lovely wife.

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