There Ain’t No Soul (In This Town)

There Ain't No Soul (In This Town)

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Daz Kent’s debut single released on the 25/02/2019

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All words and music D Kent
Additional Vocals S Kent
Copyright DAK Records Ltd


Daz Kent was brought up in Newton Aycliffe in Co Durham in the North East of England.

Now living in Darlington. Daz has been in numerous bands over the years and released a couple of EP’s.

The main band Daz is known for is Ordinary Affair. A successful Mod/R&B cover band who played alongside The Lambrettas, The Selector, Secret Affair, Bad Manners and many more.

Daz has just released a full acoustic album called An Acoustic Soul and is now about to release his debut single on the 25/02/19 called There Ain’t No Soul.

His influences are the likes of Small Faces, The Kinks, Stax Records, Northern Soul, R&B, The Jam, The Beatles, Blur etc

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