Thumb Joint Kinesio Taping (basil joint) | Northern Soul channel

Thumb Joint Kinesio Taping (basil joint) | Northern Soul channel

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Northern Soul demonstrates how to use Kinesiology tape to tape your thumb for basil joint thumb injury or pain. Helps with arthritic joints as well.20% off Discount code for Mobility Tape Brand Kinesio Tape! Winner of Northern Soul Tape Test “best premium tape!” Go to and use code: northernsoul at checkout! For more Kinesio taping videos and more, be sure to check out and subscribe to Northern Soul YT channel:
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23 Comments to Thumb Joint Kinesio Taping (basil joint) | Northern Soul channel

  1. Becca Ashlee Christilaw says:

    I hurt that joint opening a jar of salsa…. and this really helped. Thank you!

  2. Janice Rodrigues says:

    I got this injury while playing cricket..I wonder if this will be helpful while playing, i can hardly lift stuff or even tie my hair up

  3. Northern Soul says:

    20% off Discount code for Mobility Tape Brand Kinesio Tape! Winner of Northern Soul Tape Test "best premium tape!" Go to and use code: northernsoul at checkout!

  4. Gray Wolf says:

    Would this work for a sprained thumb? I got my thumb bent backwards playing goalie (football/soccer) and I was wondering if this is the best way to tape it, or maybe a different way would be more helpful. The pain is at the base of the thumb when I bend it to much in either direction.

  5. bbbuka says:

    Thank you!

  6. Sues BookNook says:

    Is this taping technique good for someone with skier's thumb? I wore a cast for six months to give the ligament a chance to heal, and I was fine for many years, but now I am getting reoccurring pain in the thumb joint. I need grip strength support because I am constantly grabbing and lifting heavy books and I am looking for some type of support to the joint. Also, why is it necessary to use two different colors of tape.? Couldn't you just use the two pieces you initially cut from the yellow?

  7. Jagat Gautam says:

    i want to ask you what to do if a right thumb injured by cricket bowl it is swelling and paining

  8. Alitweety100 says:

    terrfic help. Thank you for clear and simple instructions. Lovely mix of Irish, Austrailian & >??Uk accents??

  9. JOE BLOW says:

    Kroikey, Mite ! Ees theta shag cappit yer kneelin' on ? Thet's gaughtabe fiefty yeaz auld !

  10. J L says:

    Thanks for your vide9. Do you have one specifically for trigger thumb?

  11. Donald Telesco says:

    very good. thanks–don t

  12. conscious truth seeker says:

    I am also a professional chef so I can't change what I do

  13. Ai says:

    Thank you for the video. I've recently started boxing. And I've got a pain in thumb's mpc and basal joints after a week of punching a bag. Even can't hold dumbbells normally anymore because of the pain. So I'm sitting here right now trying to patch myself with that tape. 1st attempt got me to a dark thumb. 2nd went better – now it's just a little darker than the other one. But the basic question is – will it help both of my thumb's joints to immobile?

  14. Sierra Fotos says:

    I tried this last night and it was cutting circulation off. Any tips to avoid that but still have support?

  15. Ben Egan says:

    professional chef here, some days i cant even hold a knife the pain is so bad. I've used this wrap for the last week and with proper icing and over the counter anti inflammatories the pain is almost gone. 8 years I've been dealing with this. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the time you took to make this very helpful video

  16. Henry Petty says:

    What essential oils?

  17. JBob08 says:

    Awesome tutorial! Thanks for posting this.

  18. bonniedean says:

    Exactly what I was looking for. I have hypermobility and playing the clarinet has been putting strain on the joint, so I've been looking how to add some extra support there. Thanks so much! Ps great mix of accents!!

  19. kubek2244 says:

    If I would like to deal with edema in thumb area (taping) and at the same time try to make it stable (after injury) can I apply both of the tapings? If yes – which one first?

  20. Stephanie LeMaire says:

    I am a massage therapist. Would I be able to perform massage after taping?

  21. ExoticSparkles695 says:

    Ive been having thumb pain, been told by my doctor its tendinitis. She told me to go out and buy a brace to support, only problem is i work in a hair salon where my hands are in water throughout the day. Is this tape somewhat waterproof to use instead on a brace?

  22. Caila says:

    I may have ehlers danlos and I'm about to do this taping. I sure hope this helps. Two weeks ago my thumb felt stuck then I moved it and it cracked and I can't grip things or put pressure on the inside under the base, under the bone. Thank you for this video!

  23. EowyntheFair says:

    Hello! I have enjoyed your taping videos, particularly because I can do them on myself without having to ask for assistance. I play the clarinet and I get joint pain as well as some of the muscular pain. Do you recommend a particular wrapping method for this?

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