Vintage Bones – Regret And Nostalgia [Alternative Rock]

Vintage Bones - Regret And Nostalgia [Alternative Rock]

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Anime: Violet Evergarden

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14 Comments to Vintage Bones – Regret And Nostalgia [Alternative Rock]

  1. Johan Zevallos says:

    OH GUAY…Me sorprendio, tiene una tonada conocida de un artista, pero no se cual XD. Buen aporte off topic

  2. Cartoon Hero says:

    Lol you could take any scene from this series and it’d work

  3. Jada Love says:

    Anyone excited for s2?

  4. Coypop says:

    Good sound

  5. AntonyGaming says:

    I didn't subscribed for such content …

  6. Rinchinchilla says:

    This is great! :o!!!

  7. gibby Gibson says:

    That dude looks like Rin from Free but older

  8. Dont Blow It Keep It Simple Count Your Money says:

    well this is new

  9. Midnight Ric says:

    Im playing WoW with a playlist of your songs

  10. Erika Myers chewy says:

    So beautiful

  11. Barfing Unicorn says:

    Oh cool a song title named after most of my life.

  12. Real Love Music says:

    I know guys this is not future funk, Vintage Bones is a new rock band that is starting, I liked a lot and agree to share their music on the channel, I hope you like it.

  13. thedeafBoyZ says:


  14. Farqua12 says:


    Good song

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