Vintage & Morelli – For You [Silk Music]

Vintage & Morelli - For You [Silk Music]

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01 Vintage & Morelli – For You (Original Mix)
02 Vintage & Morelli – For You (Illuminor Remix)

Serbian artist Vintage & Morelli continues to impress with new, inspiring material, most recently with his remix of “Curracloe” by David Broaders. This time he is ready with a new original, “For You”, which is supported by a powerful remix by Illuminor, a rising duo from Australia.

The Original Mix begins with a truly soothing atmosphere, including a frisky beat and unique piano stabs. A captivating flute supports the groovy bassline brilliantly, while the song is spiced up by a mesmerizing female vocal.The break introduces another beautiful piano line, as well as the energetic main lead that continues in full effect hereafter.

Illuminor’s remix takes off with a strong groove and an unmistakably prominent bassline. Various background melodies spice up the soundscape as the song progresses, and lush string lines combined with the vocal elements from the original mix are introduced in the break. This part also serves as an entry point for the truly energetic theme lead, which plays extremely well with the underlying piano lines.

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27 Comments to Vintage & Morelli – For You [Silk Music]

  1. Shaibal Mandal says:

    v&m at their absolute best…. this is such a beauty!

  2. Affiliate LifeStyle says:

    Hope she listens again & gets to see this message ! I have just sent this tune to the love of my life ! Known you all of 3 weeks & I know I shouldn't be saying this but you've turned my world upside down ! Xx I'm sorry, I really tried to fight it but I just couldn't. I know you've been through so much & have so much going on in your life. You truly amaze me ! So beautiful & have the biggest heart x I admire everything about you ! I hope by me saying this it's not gonna push you away ! Please don't be freaked out sweet. I can do slow & Ill wait forever ! X Yours Always Mike xX

  3. Ju Siqueira says:


  4. Psfr arimo says:

    Really good song !

  5. Rafapaz says:

    Having a soul orgasm..
    Shit is deep!

  6. 1Conquest1 says:

    Simply Beautiful

  7. Alex Gærtner says:

    This is so chill it fucking hurts… Beautiful

  8. 1337sp34k3r says:


  9. Peter Ramos says:

    Listen This Music On Taking You higher Pt 3 

  10. Mark Odayan says:

    such amazing mood captured, beautiful release

  11. hervé potentier says:

    melodic  &  dreamy

  12. solyfiestas says:

    Ke bien esta HECHO! Un aire en los oidos!!

  13. Trance Lover says:

    WOW, this is really good!

  14. Elec Tra says:

    Great work Marko,this track is outstanding

  15. Jenna says:

    Awesome 🙂 <3

  16. General Waste says:

    Bouncy bouncy! 😀

  17. Jacek Ż says:

    * * * * * (five stars) !

  18. Jair Zandhlo says:

    Excelente track !!!

  19. Armand Wonderland says:

    so looking forward to May 19th

  20. Marko Takovac says:

    Great bro!!!

  21. Kalafut Vitalusik says:

    ♫♪♫♪♫ ♪❤ (◠‿◠) ❤♪♫♪♫♪♫ ♪

  22. Artiles Records says:

    Great !

  23. Rey G says:

    so Gooooood!!!!

  24. Jzoomer06 says:

    Love this track, can't wait for the remix….SRS221!

  25. Nikos .Polychroniadis says:


  26. Crysthian Madera says:

    Is a natural Drug for my brain… so f***n good!!!

  27. Crysthian Madera says:

    Is a natural Drug for my brain… so f***n good!!!

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