willie mitchell northern soul dancing

willie mitchell northern soul dancing

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It’s basicaly an expression video
memories of my old stompin days.just showing some nice foot work and fine artists.ALL CREDITS belong to MOLOKO,for the video footage,this version is just edited by me.

27 Comments to willie mitchell northern soul dancing

  1. Gary Maddison says:

    Fantastic dancing

  2. Patpot Munro says:

    The Business.

  3. The Storks says:

    gone for a dance

  4. Bamber bridge Boys says:

    Who is this guy dancing fantastic love the timing of his feet one of the best I have seen, who r u

  5. David Smith says:

    Proper somper!!

  6. John Millward says:

    Classic stomper I first heard at the Pendulum in Manchester back in 1973 – would have been between the Torch and Wigan eras…. The club was downstairs under the MSG and whole place shock when this track was played…. Sensational !

  7. Somewheremaybe says:

    BTW, Fats Domino is on American Masters on PBS tonight. 🙂

  8. Steve Woolman says:

    tune or what a stomper

  9. T Bingham says:

    Old school, but rocks!

  10. Gary Alexander says:

    Still stompin . K T F .

  11. Walter Forsyth says:

    somebody please  show the breakdown in slo-mo of paddy consterdines dancing ,said he only had 2 lessons for this film , I have got to say he looks damn good .

  12. trevor francis says:

     Without Britain and the USA maybe the world would have been a boring place to live.

  13. kevin leahy says:

    Great music, go to nightclubs to pull, hardly any women at the casino

  14. colin jackson says:


  15. Paul Swannick says:


  16. orangeman says:

    wish I could have been in England to dance to northern soul. back in the late 60's we would go to a place in banksville n.y. and dance till 3am. the place was call Dearcrest sometimes called The Country House

  17. way mat says:

    Quality, stomping all over the world!!!

  18. Dave Wolves says:

    floor filler at wulfrun wolverhampton fridays 1975 and the octopus in wolverhampton saturday afternoon soul venue KTF

  19. Celestial Titan says:

    Willie is my RL Great Grandpa.. Miss You Grandpa Willie 🙁

  20. scarthogirl says:

    if you went to a soul weekend and enjoyed then you are now part of it northern soul never goes away you shoud try to go to another

  21. Kevan Turner says:

    Bob Slater discovered this record in a junk shop in middlesbrough and sold it to one of the DJ's at wigan casino (John Vincent) it became a northern classic (Bunny Hewitt, Hartlepool)

  22. dseanc says:

    Paddy's the dogs ;–)

  23. Jess Green says:

    complete agree!

  24. frenchie jones says:

    Stompin memories, Carlton club warrington onto Blackpool, one oclock bus to wigan, mr Ms till ten, onto manchester ritz all dayer and monday whitchurch civic all dayer, bank holidays were awesome.

  25. stevewaugh2 says:

    Brilliant !

  26. Hope Dingley says:

    im 17 and too young to have been there, but i love northern soul and motown and wish i could move like they did back in the day! i can dance but nothing compared to these! Fantastic! KTF.

  27. david atherton says:

    i remember the girls and their big wide skirts ,fantastic

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