Young brothers Whats your Game Rare Northern soul

Young brothers  Whats your Game Rare Northern soul

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one of the best northern soul stompers ever A Mega Rare west coast record

Dancers from the rocket 2002 footage filmed by a soul brother from nottingham…..
edit Gav
now available on a kent 45

21 Comments to Young brothers Whats your Game Rare Northern soul

  1. Cath Stubbs says:

    I reckon instead of
    Strictly come dancing.
    We should have .
    Strictly !!!
    Northern dancing !!!!

  2. Steven Stewardson says:


  3. Donna Dean says:

    A Dave Raistrick discovery in a California thrift store in the very early 80s. Went on to be a Stafford MONSTER. Covered up as the Experienced Heartmenders.

  4. Philip Richards says:

    When played on a system in a hall somewhere then I doubt that the sound quality does this disc justice, just sayin'

  5. Steven Stewardson says:

    Excuse my spelling once again ( RARE ) not rear what a numpty neither less a stunning rarity worth big bucks nowadays KTF FOLKS ! ! ! ! !

  6. Susan Bedford says:


  7. Stephen Mullady says:

    So good I heard went to the Anthem, this is top,top, top dance Soul.

  8. Armour Henderson says:

    pure class thanks for the post ktf

  9. Steven Stewardson says:

    This is super rear Love ❤ it ❤ to pieces what a SUBLIME soul Track Ktf to everyone Connected to The massive soul scene ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. dissotheref says:


  11. chris smith says:

    ace ,

  12. casino73 says:

    great stuff…

  13. Fat Boyo says:

    What a tune, amazing!!

  14. Paul Middlebrook says:

    Hart pulling.

  15. Ian Freedman says:

    what a cracking tune!!!

  16. dundee520 says:

    love this wee dance tune – ktf

  17. dundee520 says:

    brilllllll – ktf

  18. Michael Carridine says:

    Was that Keb, must have been, not many that good.

  19. colliourebee says:

    First time I've heard this, it's fantastic, Thanks for sharing.

  20. Michael Schrader says:

    This IS some rare shit if I haven't heard it before… I am the Encyclopdedia of Soul & the reigning PHD of R&B, straight up & was NOT hip to this jam… Sounds like it coulda come outa St. Louis or Chicago c. 1970-71…anybody know whas'sup with this?… Brits never cease to amaze me coming up with obscure Old School… GREAT stuff!… MC Mickey 1

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